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  • Helps In Piles.
  • Cure For Cough
  • For Bleeding Diarrhea
  • Treats Jaundice
  • Helps In Diabetes
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Shying is the nature of humans, intellectual animals and many birds. But, have you ever heard a plant getting shy! It must be a new and confusing thing for you all. You must have heard about “chui mui” plant. It’s a plant which shrinks just by the touch or indication of your hand. Many of us find it interesting one, but only few of us knows that this can even be so beneficial for health.
Shame plant / Lajwanti Bareek / Chui Mui (لجونتی باریک, چھویی موئی ) also known as Mimosa Pudica, is a herb which spreads either on ground or about few inches above it is placed. It is the thorny plant which bears dark green coloured leaves which have two sides and the leaflets has twenty pairs of them.

Health Benefits:

  • Helps in piles.
  • Cure for cough
  • For bleeding diarrhea
  • Treats jaundice
  • Helps in diabetes
  • Cures multinodular tuberculosis
  • Helpful in calculus
  • Cures excessive urination
  • Helpful in indigestion

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