Puncture Vine (Ghokhro)

Puncture Vine (Ghokhro)

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  • Helpful In tTreating Some Cardiovascular Conditions
  • Helpful In treating Blood Pressure
  • Helpful In Treating High Cholesterol
  • Used to treat Constipation
  • Used As A Treatment For Immune Disorders
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Puncture vine/Ghokhru Khurd (گھوکھرو خورد) also known as Small Caltrops, Land Caltrops, Goathead, Tackweed and Tribulus Terrestris, is a low-growing flowering plant with small yellow flowers. It grows as an annual in colder climates.

It is believed to be helpful in treating some cardiovascular conditions including angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia and poor circulation. Digestive disorders that may benefit from the use of puncture vine include constipation and flatulence. It is used in Chinese medicine as a liver tonic, and for food poisoning and overeating. It has many uses in the Ayurvedic tradition, including pacifying vata, as a diuretic and to treat disorders of the genitourinary system. In other medical traditions, this herb is also used as a diuretic to treat hypertension and for angina pectoris. It is believed by some to help prevent both oxalate and struvite kidney stones. It is believed to have antiseptic and diuretic properties that can reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections. It is also used as a treatment internally and externally for immune disorders, such as allergic skin conditions, eczema and psoriasis.

Side Effects:

Tribulus Terrestris may cause stomach upset, but this can usually be controlled by taking the herb with food. It may affect blood sugar levels. Research suggests it can increase prostate size, so should not be used by men with enlarged prostates. It should not be used by women with a history of breast or uterine cancers.

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