Rock Sugar (Misri)

Rock Sugar (Misri)

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Rock Sugar / Misri (مسری), also known as sugar candy, is a type of confectionery mineral which has its origins in India and Persia. It is a type of candy made from crystallized and flavored sugar. It is used in many different ways like- sweeten milk or tea, decorating desserts and also in some natural remedies to cure various health problems. Candy sugar or misri is unrefined form of sugar, so it is considered to be healthy as compared to table sugar. Know the top amazing reasons, why mishri is good for your health.

  1. Relieves cough
  2. A mouth freshener
  3. Culinary benefits
  4. Effective against sore throat
  5. As a refreshing drink.
  6. Improves vision
  7. Treats impotency
  8. Removes kidney stone
  9. Cure stomachache
  10. Useful for lactating mothers
  11. Cures mouth ulcers
  12. Controls headache
  13. Cures hoarseness of voice
  14. Cures loose motion
  15. Good for weight control
  16. Effective in piles

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