Toothache Fruit

Toothache Fruit (Kabab Khandan)

Toothache Fruit (Kabab Khandan)

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(کباب خنداں)

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Toothache fruit/Kabab Khandan (کباب خنداں, کبابہ شگفتہ، فاغرہ, کبابہ دہین کشادہ) also known as Zanthoxylum Alatum, varies in habit from a prickly, deciduous to evergreen shrub, woody climber or small tree growing up to 5 metres tall. The plant is mainly gathered from the wild for use as a condiment and medicine, as well as for various other commodities. It is sometimes also cultivated and is grown as a hedge in northern India. The fruit is rather small but is produced in clusters which makes harvesting easy. Each fruit contains a single seed. The peel of the fruit serves as a spice. Young leaves are used as a condiment.

The seeds and the bark are stomachic and vermifuge. They are used as an aromatic tonic in the treatment of fevers, dyspepsia, cholera, abscesses, arthritis, bruises, gastritis and swellings.

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